It was our fourth night and our first night outside of Bangkok. We were heading South to catch an overnight ferry to the Islands. As we approached the ocean the smell of the air began to change and sounds began to shift. I stepped on the ferry and squeezed my way up to the second floor, assisted by a small ladder. I looked at my sleeping quarters and thought, "What the hell did I get myself into?". The small space was lined with mats along the wall, we had a hole for a bathroom, a few windows adding little ventilation. I did my best to fluff my jacket into a pillow and use baby wipes to clean my face. I looked at my friends as I drifted to sleep, and smiled; I was happy I had company.  

Around 6 a.m. a pink sunrise began to penetrate the windows. I was lucky enough to be close to one. I looked out as we approached the island, amazed at the beauty around me. Another smile broke through, but this time I was smiling at the land, at guaranteed adventure, and at certain uncertainty. 

This series documents a portion of my year stay in Thailand.